Curriculum Vitae

PDF of my CV in a one-page resume format can be found here.


2013 – 2016 PhD, Physics (Expected)
Washington University in Saint Louis

2011 – 2013 M.A., Physics
Washington University in Saint Louis

2007 – 2011 B.S., Physics
California State University, Chico

Research Experience

2011 – Present
Washington University in Saint Louis – PhD Thesis Research
Thesis title: Design and Development of a Torsion Balance Experiment to Investigate Gravitation Distances Below One Centimeter

  • Design of custom, sensitive equipment
  • Manufacture/machining/prototyping of equipment
  • Developing software integrating hardware
  • Developing software to calculate theoretical results
  • Maintain an experiment at ultra high vacuum
  • Analysis of experimental data

2010 – 2011
California State University, Chico – Arduino Datalogger Development

Development, testing, and teaching the production of Arduino based, modular dataloggers: Initial impetus was to design a datalogger that would fit inside a baseball. Project moved to finding ways of placing data logging devices into small places
that also fit into small budgets. Finally a workshop was given at a national meeting of physics teachers (AAPT).
Data loggers developed were then used to test theoretical calculations of complicated dynamics in the classical regime.

2008 – 2009
California State University, Chico – Special Problems in Chemistry
Development of (nearly) automated teaching displays

Leadership Experience

2015 – Present  Graduate Student Liaison to Physics Faculty

2013 – 2016  Physics Department Representative to the Graduate Student Senate

  • Organized the Graduate Research Symposium for 2 years
  • Organized the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards and Outstanding Staff Awards

2012 – 2016 Member of the Physics Department’s Outreach Committee

2010 – 2011  President, Society of Physics Students, CSU Chico Chapter

2009 – 2010  Exec. Vice President, SPS, CSU Chico Chapter

2008 – 2011  Physics Liaison to Natural Sciences Student Senate



Academic Work Experience

2011 – 2014 Teaching Assistant – Washington University in Saint Louis

  • Introductory Physics
  • Methods of Theoretical Physics 1 & 2
  • Advanced Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers
  • Electronics Lab
  • Physical Measurements Lab

2010 – 2011 Stockroom Assistant – Physics Dept, CSU Chico
2009 – 2011 Teaching Assistant – Physics Dept, CSU Chico
2008 – 2011 Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics Tutor – Various Depts, CSU, Chico

Talks and Presentations

Development of a Torsion Balance to investigate Gravitation at the Sub-Centimeter Range April 2016, American Physical Society April Meeting (Abstract)

The Investigation of Forces at the Sub-Millimeter Scale; Or How to Answer Physics’ Biggest Questions on the Cheap October 2015, Graduate Research Seminar, Washington University in Saint Louis (Abstract)

Einstein, Feynman, Sagan and… You? The Continuing Saga; Or How Physics is More Than Just a Day Job November 2014, Graduate Research Seminar, Washington University in Saint Louis (Abstract)

The Elegance and Utility of Simplicity: How Fundamental Physics Can Be Done When Starting with Simple Ideas September 2013, Graduate Research Seminar, Washington University in Saint Louis (Abstract)

Gravitational Experiment at Submillimeter Distances; Weaving Together the Strongest Theories of Physics April 2013, Graduate Research Seminar, Washington University in Saint Louis  (Abstract)

The Equivalence Principle November 2012, Graduate Research Seminar, Washington University in Saint Louis (Abstract)

Loop-da-Loop Acceleration (Or How I Learned ‘Simple’ Physics Isn’t Always Simple) April 2011, Physics Department Seminar, California State University, Chico (Abstract)

Arduino Microcontrollers in the Physics Lab Workshop W27, July 2010, American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting


Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honors Society, Inducted 2011

Lt. Robert M. Rawlins Merit Award for Academic Achievement and Exceptional Community Service 2010

Michael R. McGie Service Award for Community Service 2010

Arloe Anaia-Murry Physics Scholarship for Outstanding Scholarship in Physics 2009