My name is Adam J. Archibald.

I’m a 6th year graduate student at Washington University in Saint Louis. The bulk of my work has been focused on the development of a torsion balance experiment to investigate gravitation at distances below a centimeter. You can read more here.

Outside of the lab I enjoy board games, rock climbing, playing music, reading, and occasionally writing. Or I’m bumming around with my wife, because she’s awesome.

My twitter can be found here: https://twitter.com/TheOtherStlArch

The title of this site comes from one of my favorite quotes, by Ralph Waldo Emerson :

Here is the world, sound as a nut, perfect, not the smallest piece of chaos left, never a stitch nor an end, not a mark of haste, or botching, or second thought; but the theory of the world is a thing of shreds and patches

The picture if from a trip to Chico, Ca (Bidwell Park) and was a complete accident.


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